About Me & Why I Chose to Run

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I’m Mary B. Relotto and I’m running to be your Ohio Statehouse Representative for District 24 because it’s time to start building bridges and engaging the community.
I’ve spent the last 30 years living in central Ohio and am proud to call it my home!
Growing up in a coal county near the West Virginia border, I was raised in a Union family. I was loved, cared for, and nurtured. I grew to understand the value of hard work as I saw my parents work hard for everything we had. Their tireless efforts gave me the opportunity to go to college and receive my degree from Ohio University.
After college, I began my professional career working for non-profit organizations whose missions served some of the most marginalized people in our community—people with developmental disabilities, those with mental illness, and minorities. Ten years later, I started my own business and I began to notice something was missing. While it was common to find women doctors, judges, and professionals throughout our economy, women were vastly underrepresented in small business. I founded Dames Bond on the notion that uniting women in small business could start a movement. Hundreds of women-led businesses across central Ohio have come to Dames Bond as we help them bridge the gaps toward entrepreneurship.
I see the same gaps in District 24. Women represent more than half of the vote and are leaders throughout our community. Two members of Dames Bond, Michele Rapp and Bonnie James, both live in Upper Arlington. Michelle saw a need for unconventional childcare and started the Junior Explorer’s Club. Bonnie, the owner of Advanced Reading Concepts, saw the need to help busy people be more efficient when reading. Yet our representation continues to overlook us.
I know I can be the same bridge that I was for hundreds of small business owners – the bridge that connects the voters and the people of District 24 to the statehouse.
After making my decision to run, I knew the calling was right. Serving the people by being their voice was exactly what I could do to bring change. Over a year later, I have a strong campaign that resonates with thousands of people.
The voters are speaking, and we are listening. I will bring partnerships between cities and organizations so we can lower the barriers to starting a small business. I want to help these businesses stay and thrive, right here at home. Access to quality education, resources, and healthcare are still challenges that need met with common- sense solutions. Solutions that don’t come from the statehouse, rather solutions that come from the people and ones I will take with me to the statehouse. When our communities are healthy and have the same access to education, no matter their zip code, Ohio’s families will reap the benefits and prosper.
There’s a lot on the line with this next election, and many other issues and challenges that we’re discussing every day in this campaign.
I’m all for protecting the 2nd Amendment with gun-safety legislation and innovative approaches to protecting those who live with guns in their homes. I value a woman’s right to choose and believe whole-heartedly that we need more mental health professionals in our communities and in our schools. I truly look forward to bringing back conversations within the community through regular town-hall meetings.
I ask you to join us as we build the bridge to a thriving economy, one small business at a time.
I’m Mary B. Relotto, asking for your vote on May 8th. I want to bridge the community of District 24, the statehouse, and work in unison with other districts toward an Ohio that values the opportunity for all people to thrive and prosper.
Mary B. Relotto
Future Candidate for the Ohio State House, District 24
An advocate to champion change in support of equality for all, safe neighborhoods, a good education and a thriving economy.


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